Monday, 14 September 2015

Disconnected Sales and Delivery Process Costs

Airtel representatives, ever since they launched their 4G service in NCR, about 4 weeks ago,  has been calling me once or twice a week to ask if I wanted a free upgrade of their 4G SIM card. Every time I say yes, and they assure me after confirming my address and other details that it will reach me in 4 hours or sometimes they say 24 hours. But never happens!

Next call I get every time is asking if I got the 4G SIM delivered? I ask, do you have a proof of delivery from your logistics partner? Answer is "This we don't know".

And, the cycle repeats.

This indicates a broken process integration between the Customer Acquisition Lifecycle, where the sales process is disjoint from the  Logistics and Supply Chain.

Not only this costs Airtel money, lost in opportunity cost; But also Airtel Brand takes a hit every time it irritates a customer.

Lesson Learnt: Close the process loop between various functional lines of business. This can be achieved by creating a CX (Customer Experience) process that connects all the dots across the Lines of Businesses.

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